Masks & Mimosas: How To Detoxify, Hydrate, and Firm Your Skin While Having A Glass of Wine.

Hello Lovelies, My favorite part of my skincare routine is using masks! Consistent masking is a key part of my routine and my top beauty secret for maintaining happy, fresh skin.  I describe myself as a “daily-masker”.  Yes, I said daily.  Sometimes, in an effort to multitask, I will do a hair mask and a face mask at the same…


4 Things I Love About #Kbeauty!

Hello Lovelies, My passion for Korean beauty products started last year when I discovered the joyful practice of using sheet masks.  As I began to explore this new category of skincare, which has a major influence on the beauty industry as a whole, my life and my skin was changed forever.   I gravitated to Kbeauty because  so much of…


Lily’s Book Review: “Celebrate” by Lauren Conrad!

  Hi Lovelies, Summer is the season of posh parties.  With warmer weather brings weddings, baby showers, outdoor birthday fiestas, brunches, engagement parties, and impromptu get togethers to soak up as much sun as possible. Most people also have more time to entertain during the summer months.  I love entertaining, creating memories and delicious dishes with friends and family.  …


When, How, and Why You Need To Use A Protein Mask For Your Hair.

Hello Lovelies, Using a hair mask is a key part of a healthy hair routine. Your regular daily conditioner isn’t always enough. This is especially true for curly or textured hair. Intensive treatments help to strengthen hair, restore shine, replenish moisture, and improve manageability. Everyone can benefit from a good hydrating mask, but what if I told you about a…


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