Brand Review Update: Savannah Hair Therapy

Hello My Lovelies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope all of you have someone special to spend this day with and that you have the most romantic day possible.  And because I love you all so much I’m offering you the chance to try out these awesome products!  Use my code ‘SAGEBEAUTY’ when you order from Savannah Hair Therapy and get 15% off until March 1st!!!  I am so excited to share with you the great results I have been seeing from these products, and they are a must have investment for your hair care routine.

Meet Your New Conditioner

What I love most about Savannah Hair Therapy products is that you see noticeable improvement after one use, and the more you use the products the more the condition of your hair improves.   The Shea Butter Conditioner is a rich creamy conditioner that imparts shine and hydration. It is my new favorite co-washing product.  Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.”  It means skipping shampoo and only washing your hair with a conditioner, whether you are a daily or weekly washer.  I like to alternate my washing routine; one week I use shampoo and the next week I only use conditioner.


This is also a great tip for daily washers, if you workout a few times a week, have color treated hair, or have very dry hair. I happen to be a weekly washer.  If you have a more traditional washing routine, shampoo then follow with a conditioner, you will still love this product.   I loved how it helped with detangling and moisturizing, and it smells delicious.  It’s one thing when you use a product and your hair looks and feels great on that first wash day, but when I notice my hair stays soft and I see less breakage between washings then I know I have a found a good product.


The Leave-In Cream You Can’t Live Without.

I like my leave-in conditioners to be the mini-versions of my conditioners: thick, moisturizing, and reparative. The Leave-In Cream from Savannah Hair Therapy hits all three points. You can apply this product on dry or damp hair from root to tip and style normally. I also like mixing this product with a hair gel or a curl cream for a boost of hydration and to aid with styling.



Remember to use my code for special savings, and leave a comment below to let me know how these products worked for you 🙂








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