February Obsessions! Happy Leap Year!

Hello Lovelies,

2016 is a leap year so we get one extra day this year to make dreams come true.  As a special treat for all of you, I will be posting one extra blog post today!! There will be two new posts on Sage Beauty on February 29th, 2016.  This is the second post for the day, and you can check out the first post of the day here.  February always goes by so fast and leap year Monday is the perfect day to share some of the products I loved this past month.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I love when Glossier launches a new product because they do a lovely pop shop in Manhattan featuring the line.  There will be more fun new launches from Glossier this year so stay tuned here on Sage Beauty.   I first reviewed this brand shortly after it debuted on the beauty scene. You can read that review here.  Their new cleanser gently purifies and has soothing ingredients such as Rose Water and Comfrey Root Extract.  The formula is similar to cleansing ingredients found in contact lens solution so it’s safe to use around the eyes.  Milky Jelly Cleanser  is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, safe for the ophthalmologist tested, safe for all skin types, soap free, paraben free, sulfate free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals.  I use the cleanser with my Clarisonic  face brush in the morning,  and I really like how my skin feels afterwards.  You can use it two ways: on wet skin in the shower to start your day, and at night you can apply to dry skin to remove NON-waterproof makeup.  If you are wearing a full face (foundation, eye makeup, brows) then I suggest removing all your makeup first with a cleansing oil and then use the Milky Cleanser.







Savannah Hair Therapy Pop Treatment (60% Natural Keratin Moisture Repair)

Over the past month I have had the time of my life using Savannah Hair Therapy products. My hair has become strong, shinier, easier to manage, and I have also noticed much less breakage.  There is still time to take advantage of my special promo code ‘SAGEBEAUTY’ when you shop at savannahhairtherapy.com.  My promo code is valid until 3/1 for 15% off when you shop on their site!  If you try the products please leave a comment below on how they worked for you.  You check out my review on their other products here.


The Pop Treatment coats the hair shaft and creates a protective layer against climate damage and nourishes the hair.  It repairs and restores  your hair’s natural moisture which is usually lost through daily heat styling, coloring, and chemically treatments.  After you shampoo, spray the treatment on, wait five minutes (sometimes I wait a little longer), and then rinse. This is a great product to get a boost of repair,  and I noticed that my hair was smoother and frizz was under control.

I hope all of my readers enjoyed having one extra day to chase dreams, close deals, and exfoliate.








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