Dear 2018, Thanks for Everything.

Please read the following disclaimer carefully:

The following post is not a “New Year, New Me article, AND this is not “2018, you sucked, bye” post. I simply wanted to shared the substantial, real life lessons and gifts I have received this year with my sweet Sage Beauties.


So this is what I learned in 2018:

  1. I learned to give MYSELF what I need when I need it, including compassion and patience.

There are times when you need to rest, when you need to lean on friends, boyfriends/husbands, or loved ones, and there are times when you need to marathon Narcos on Netflix. This year I listened to my body and my heart more than I ever have before in my life and I focused on taking care of myself so I could be a more balanced person, a happier person and a woman at peace. I also learned that all my needs are valid and are part of what makes me who I am and that is very special. Also, those needs have manifested themselves to help guide me to be the woman I am supposed to evolve into. BOOM!

2. I learned to stop apologizing.

In our society, we tell women, especially women of color, that what we need and what we want is “asking too much” or our “expectations are too high” and we make ourselves feel guilty for wanting for what we truly deserve and to that which we are entitled as human beings and children of God. There is no reason for me to apologize for what makes me happy, what I truly want, what I love, or what I do not love.


3. Sometimes you have to rollover your goals to the next twelve months.

Did I accomplish every single goal I wrote down on January 1st, 2018? Hell no! And I’m not embarrassed to admit that to my readers. But because I didn’t accomplish everything on my list for 2018 I learned that in order to accomplish what you want sometimes you need to streamline your goals and make your timelines more realistic. It’s okay if you didn’t “crush” every goal you had for the year. This doesn’t mean it will never be crushed. Sometimes, there are certain ways we have to grow first before we can go out and crush shit. This year I am taking a new approach to setting goals. I am focusing on my three top goals from January to June. Then from June until the end of year I will be working two more key goals. There is only one way to eat an elephant, and that’s one bite at a time. By focusing on the goals that mean the most you will have a better chance of having improved time management, and crush all of the list!!

4. I learned that I am truly never alone.

I am blessed with loving cousins, aunties, and brilliant female friends who are my chosen sisters. I cannot let the year end without thanking my Earth Angels for another year of laughter, listening, hugs, texts, advice, and encouragement. If you have people in your life who have helped you through this year, please take a moment to hug them and say thank you. I also would love to thank all my readers. The fact that you are still with me after six years of writing Sage Beauty is something that I remember every time I sit down at my laptop and it means the world to me!


Leave a comment below or on my Instagram with what your top five goals are for 2019!!

See you next year!

Love Always,

Lily Sage

Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Choker: FawnStar

Pictures: Kate Grammes

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